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The New Home for a Seasoned Company, Osceola

The 600 block of Nance Street in Osceola, Wisconsin is home to some new company, or a new company that is. Quality Machine and Tool Inc. is moving from Rising City, Nebraska to Osceola, a site that is much closer to the home of owners Tim and Kelly Zahm.

The business was founded in 1997 and specializes in manufacturing and tool and die. One of their manufacturing customers is Leafproof, a gutter system for houses that needs no cleaning. The tool and die portion of the business works with medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Even with the fluctuation in the manufacturing business over the past years, the Zahns decided it was time to upgrade to a new space. The old location had about 3,400 square feet, but the new space is more than double that size at 10,000 square feet giving the business a chance to expand and hire some more employees in the process.

This new business growing in Osceola means a handful more jobs for those job seekers in the area. The new building is already up, but is not finished inside in terms of plumbing, electrical, etc. The Osceola community should get ready to welcome a new business partner into their neighborhood.

Posted on January 18 2013