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Keeping History Alive at the Polk County Historical Museum

The Polk County Historical Museum is a must for any historical junkie, teacher in search of a worthy field trip, or Polk County resident looking to appreciate how their territory was established. This spot is no small display of artifacts or a simple display of pictures and descriptions profiling Polk’s earliest days. This museum is meant to give visitors the full experience of life dating back to the 1800’s. The museum has been at it for 75 years, so their collection is not small or incomplete. They bring Polk County’s history to life by preserving and telling the story of the area.

The museum located in Crookston has so much to check out. It has much more than just one building to house it all as some might expect. The main building is modern, housing artifacts, books, trinkets, and clothing from the days of the valley pioneers. The building also has replicas of a barber shop, a doctor’s office, a telephone switchboard center, a 50 year-old electric train, old newspapers, and so much more.

Outside of that, the land surrounding features dated farming equipment, two log houses built in the late 19th century, a one room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, and a church. All these sights give visitors the chance to check out what life was like back in “simpler” times, a rural setting without the many luxuries of the modern technology we are used to today. All these pieces can give one a sense of appreciation for how much man has achieved in a little more than 150 years. Seeing these artifacts in person inspire appreciation for modern heating and cooling, plumbing, and definitely modern medicine.

While the museum is a history of the Polk County area, it should be visited by anyone looking to gain insight into how we as humans got to this point. The foundation of this state, Polk County specifically, was built on the backs of these pioneers and their tools for living. History should always be a focal point in our culture; Polk County Historical Museum takes that idea to heart.

For hours, location, and more information, visit Minnesota’s Historic Northwest’s page.  

Posted on December 07 2012