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Red Lake River May Not Flood This Year

One thing on many Crookston residents' minds as the spring nears is the possibility of flood waters invading the comfort of their lives. Each spring they need to prepare for flooding, sandbagging missions, and waterproofing. Tim Froeber, Crookston’s Fire Chief and Emergency Manager, is in charge of the city’s flood preparations for the spring season. Despite the flurry of recent snowfall, the snowpack that will soon melt into the surrounding bodies of water isn't enough to alarm Froeber just yet.
Posted on 26 February 2013

The New Home for a Seasoned Company, Osceola

The 600 block of Nance Street in Osceola, Wisconsin is home to some new company, or a new company that is. Quality Machine and Tool Inc. is moving from Rising City, Nebraska to Osceola, a site that is much closer to the home of owners Tim and Kelly Zahm.
Posted on 18 January 2013

Keeping History Alive at the Polk County Historical Museum

The Polk County Historical Museum is a must for any historical junkie, teacher in search of a worthy field trip, or Polk County resident looking to appreciate how their territory was established. This spot is no small display of artifacts or a simple display of pictures and descriptions profiling Polk’s earliest days. This museum is meant to give visitors the full experience of life dating back to the 1800’s. The museum has been at it for 75 years, so their collection is not small or incomplete. They bring Polk County’s history to life by preserving and telling the story of the area.
Posted on 07 December 2012

Forest Laker Bar and Grill Mixes Live Entertainment and Great Food

The name for this establishment could not be a better fit, sitting lakeside on Polk County’s Forest Lake. The beautiful lakeside patios at The Forest Laker are obviously not a great option as the climate changes to bitterly cold, but the highly regarded food and entertainment inside still welcomes guests year round. The Forest Laker has a mix of great happy hour prices at their bar, fine cuisine in their restaurant, a variety of live entertainment through
Posted on 26 November 2012